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Attribution Fraud 101: Are you paying for installs that already belong to you?

Ad fraud isn’t news to the digital advertising industry. It’s spent the past couple of years at the forefront of the conversation, but there’s another type of fraud that no one..

Six things to know about SKAdNetwork

Apple’s SKAdNetwork is here, and from my perspective, someone who has worked in the mobile UA space for almost ten years, the whole thing is fairly confusing. There are plenty..

Myths of App Marketing Part 1

In this series, we debunk some of the most common myths which help convince marketers they don't have an app marketing fraud problem. No matter what buying metric you use (CPI,..

IDFA Apocalypse? Probably not.

IDFA is dead – will it take the online ad market with it? Apple are about to kill IDFA – and people are panicking about a reckoning for online ads. How will this change the UA..

How to grow UA beyond Facebook & Google - The Full Story

Facebook and Google feel like a dream come true for UA advertisers. Two platforms to place ads, manage budgets and gauge effectiveness? It sounds like a great option. And it..

How to grow UA beyond Facebook & Google

In this quick business case, you'll learn how experienced app marketers identified the point of diminishing returns and the optimal budget allocations.

TV: BBC World News Interview - Talking Business

Gary Danks, Managing Director and Founder of Machine Advertising joins Aaron Heslehurst on BBC World's Talking Business.


Has accountability killed transparency in mobile UA?

How do you know your mobile ads are being seen? It’s very likely your meticulously researched, carefully designed mobile ads are rarely looked at by a pair of real, human eyes...

What can Truman Burbank teach you about user acquisition?

Have you heard the tale of Truman Burbank?

He’s living life happily on California’s sunny Seahaven Island – until a studio light falls from the sky.

That’s when Truman starts..

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