Maximise your UA scale with Always-on Incremental Measurement.

Dimishing Returns

The Point of Diminishing Returns

Even the most experienced UA marketer will reach a point when scaling performance and achieving a positive ROAS is difficult.

A new way to maximise UA scale and ROAS

AIM enables you to discover new scale and improve your acquisition costs.

It does this by measuring the incremental benefits from each media source in real-time and presents you with untapped opportunities for growth.

There’s no technical integration, no user data and no campaign disruption.

  • Discover high-quality scale
  • Improve the cost of acquisition
  • Easy to get started

What is Incremental Measurement?

It's a way to measure the benefit (installs, acquisitions, sales, etc) you get from each media source, that wouldn't have happened without them.

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What you get

Always-on Incremental Measurement (AIM)

AIM will present you with real-time incremental benefits from all your media sources.

You’ll see the delivery performance metrics you already use such as CPI, CPA, revenues, ROAS and LTV, but they’ll be the incremental versions.

AI Optimisations

Accurate forecasting and clear AI-driven recommendations to help you quickly take action and scale performance.

Budget Planning

A powerful budget planner that enables you to test marketing scenarios and understand potential outcomes before actioning the plan.

App Marketing Protection

AIM comes with our industry-leading AMP suite (App Marketing Protection) as standard, to ensure that you only pay for valid conversions.

And there's lots more to help you deep dive into your data and gain new insights.

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Case Study:

How to maximise UA scale with incremental measurement



How does it work?

Every Brand has a unique profile.

AIM uses powerful machine learning to build you a real-time profile, that updates every 24hrs. It contains all the dynamics that affect your sales, such as seasonality, network capacities, media influence and many more.

AIM then measures the incremental gains from your media sources, calculates future outcomes and provides AI-driven recommendations to maximise scale.

App marketing has evolved, its time to start using AIM