Enhance your UA performance with award-winning App Marketing Protection (AMP) against ad fraud and invalid traffic.

Lack of Transparency

The Challenge

The lack of transparency in UA marketing makes it difficult to maximise scale. It’s easy to become exposed to poor traffic sources, impacting performance and costs.

Also, basic ad fraud detection tools often block valid inventory, preventing campaigns from reaching full scale.

Scale with confidence

AMP protects your marketing budget before, during and after an install occurs. It gives you precise, actionable data and unprecedented transparency on the quality of your media sources.

The AMP tool suite analyses every impression, click and install at the publisher level. It scans for viewability, bots and malicious publishers, helping you improve the quality of inventory and scale performance.

  • Improved transparency
  • Only pay for valid inventory
  • Take back control

What is Invalid Traffic?

Invalid traffic can be accidental, non-malicious or malicious (ad fraud). All invalid traffic takes ad spend and delivers zero ROAS.


What is Ad Fraud?

Ad fraud is when a malicious source gets paid for conversions they had nothing to do with generating, or that have no value for the advertiser.

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What you get

Viewability Tracking

AMP tracks the viewability of every one of your ad impressions on every publisher, providing you with unprecedented transparency.

MMP’s don't check for viewability, so conversions will often get misattributed to unviewable ad impressions. AMP stops this from happening and improves ROAS.

Click Countermeasures

Most ad fraud - in UA marketing - can be prevented at the click level. AMP has the most advanced click countermeasures in the market. They scan clicks for hundreds of signals in milliseconds to determine if it’s valid or fraudulent.

Amp prevents fraudulent clicks from disrupting your campaigns; this cleans data and improves attribution accuracy.

Install Quality

By enhancing the install data with our own datasets AMP can determine whether an install is genuine or fake.

We do this by looking at what real people do when they install an app. This behaviour shows whether it’s genuine – and reveals an average of six to seven times more fraud than other systems.

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60 Second Case Study:

Discover improved performance AMP vs MMP fraud tool.



How does it work?

The AMP suite analyses your campaign data at every level, giving you an enriched dataset.

Pre-Install Traffic Analysis

The MMP impression and click trackers are wrapped with the AMP tags. These super tags are used by your media sources to identify valid and invalid traffic in real-time.

Pre-install Prevention: Click Countermeasures

AMP’s click countermeasures stop malicious clicks. When this happens users are still sent to the app store(s) to download the app, so there’s no loss of install volume.

If the countermeasures are not turned on you’ll still receive full reporting on click quality.

Post-Install Detection

AMP receives the install post-back direct from your MMP and enriches the data to provide advanced post-install detection.

App marketing has evolved, its time to start using AMP