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The Challenge

Apple Search Ads (ASA) has quickly become one of the most important UA channels. Yet, using the ASA internal tools is limited, and scaling performance quickly becomes difficult.

Take your ASA to the next level

Search Ads Maven (SAM) gives you advanced, easy-to-use campaign management tools and three powerful data sources to take your ASA to the next level.

SAM quickly integrates your ASA and MMP data so that you can optimise your campaigns against your post-install conversion events. SAM also gives you access to competitor analysis from market-leading ASO platform App Tweak.

What is Apple Search Ads?

Apple Search Ads (ASA) is a user acquisition channel that connects advertisers with a highly relevant audience. Advertisers bid so that their ad appears when users enter a specific keyword in the App Store search.

Test SAM free for 30 days in three simple steps

1-long-SAMBook a Meeting

Arrange a call with one of our team & understand how SAM can work for you.


2-long-SAMPlug & Play

Quickly connect your ASA & MMP data with no campaign disruption.

3-long-SAMResults in Minutes

Gain new insights and start improving your results in minutes.

What you get

MMP Data

Quickly integrate with your preferred MMP for post-install engagement visibility, custom goals and complete ROAS insights.

Utilising your MMP and ASA data in one management interface means you have control of your campaigns like never before.

Competitor Analysis

We have partnered with the #1 ASO tool App Tweak to help you research known competitors and find ones you didn’t even know you had.

Use the data to add conquesting keywords into campaigns and gain a market advantage.

Always-on custom rules

Easily create custom optimisation rules that align with your KPI’s and drive powerful results. Set up rules that target ROAS and conversion events to maximise campaign performance.

SAM’s customs rules remove the inefficiencies of managing campaigns and mean you never miss an opportunity to scale.

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3 steps to scale ASA performance



How does it work?

Search Ads Maven has been designed so you can start using it in minutes.

It quickly creates a bi-directional data feed with your Apple search Ads accounts. All past campaigns, ad groups, & keyword configurations will be auto-imported. This 2-way sync means anything you do in SAM happens to your ASA account and vice versa.

Then, in your MMP dashboard, select Search Ads Maven and get post-install events sent directly to the SAM dashboard. This enables you to see how your ASA campaigns impact the most important user events.

Now you’re ready to go.

App marketing has evolved, its time to start using SAM