Rhiannon Taplin Rhiannon Taplin 26th May, 2021
Apple’s SKAdNetwork is here, and from my perspective, someone who has worked in the mobile UA space for almost ten years, the whole thing is fairly confusing. There are plenty of opinions and lots of jargon out there. So here are six things that I have discovered so far and believe are worth knowing...as a starter!


The SKAdNetwork is an API that allows for mobile app install attribution, whilst preserving user privacy.  This means that it will not reveal any user or device-level data because this will be removed before it’s shared beyond Apple’s ecosystem.


In order to be SKAdNetwork compliant from a supply side perspective, the network must be registered with Apple and the publishers must have a SKAd ID. In addition, as an advertiser you must also be registered, by implementing the SKAdNetwork SDK within your app.


Apple will only pass attribution data to the network supplier. This data will not be shared directly with the advertiser, publisher, or the attribution platform. Your delivery reports will come from your suppliers.


These delivery reports will not include the conversion event names that you are used to seeing, such as installs, first time purchases, and so on. Only a total count will be provided and this count will be shown by conversion IDs that have been defined by you for each event type.


Attribution data will no longer be sent in real time. Apple will conduct the attribution process within the app store, and the aggregated data will be shared with your suppliers every 24-48 hours.


Re-attribution and retargeting are not possible. Deep-linking is also not supported - so there are certainly limitations when it comes to campaign strategies.


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