Rhiannon Taplin Rhiannon Taplin 11th Aug, 2022
Following the launch of iOS 14, ASA spend has skyrocketed with an increase of c.75% vs budgets pre-May 2021, resulting in it becoming the fastest growing ad network in 2022.


It’s no real surprise when you consider the high-performance ASA offers. Users don’t come better qualified as an audience than actively searching for your, or your competitors’ brands.

You don’t need to particularly encourage or incentivise users to download your app - they are actively looking for it, or something very similar.


ASA consistently achieves high performance in an environment where invalid traffic, ad fraud, privacy data or misattribution doesn’t pose a threat. So, by applying the right keywords to your campaign, you can open up a world of possibilities and ensures your app is being seen by real users with the highest and most relevant intent.



The stats that Apple quote speak for themselves:
  • 70% of app store users utilise the search functionality to find their next app
  • 65% of all downloads happen after a search
  • Average tap through rate for Search Results Ads is over 50%


Looking beyond these taps and downloads from real users, the real benefits to running ASA campaigns lie within the post-install conversions and revenue that can be achieved.

ASA is a truly powerful UA platform, but we have found that many advertisers are not using it to its full potential.


So, how can you really ignite your ASA campaigns and ensure that your keyword choices and bid optimisations are working as efficiently as possible for you?

With the right strategy and tools to hand we’ve seen our clients quickly achieve improved ROAS, reduced CPA’s, and greater scale.

Search Ads Maven (SAM) is a tool that ingests your MMP post-install conversion data, meaning you can fully optimise your ASA spend against revenue and ROAS.

Optimisations can be automated to ensure that your campaigns are fully responsive in real-time. To support this, it provides extensive competitor and keyword analysis, which can be fed directly into your campaigns at a click of a button. The SAM dashboard makes your ASA campaigns work much harder, without you having to.

Take your ASA to the next level.

Search Ads Maven (SAM) offers full-funnel optimisation combined with real-time automation (and much more), to help you take your ASA to the next level.

SAM is plug and play, so you can start using it in a few minutes without disrupting current campaigns.

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