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APS London 2019: What we learnt

App Promotion Summit: The three types of app owner

Exhibiting and speaking at the App Promotion Summit in London last month was a great chance to speak with app developers and..

The Attribution Theft Blindspot

How app owners can improve their own processes to fight fraud

App install fraud is a major issue – according to our data, over half of all paid installs are fraudulent – and the..

How to get reimbursed quickly and without argument

So, you’ve started to identify the fraud in your app install campaigns. Great. Now you just have to get your money back from the suppliers.

Unfortunately, if you’re doing it..

Tools Vol 1

‘Probabilistic’ and ‘deterministic’ are two words that get thrown around a lot in the digital ad industry, especially in this age of hype for artificial intelligence – but not..

Machine Wins an Effective Mobile Marketing Award

Machine Wins an Effective Mobile Marketing Award

Machine is proud to have been announced the winner of the "Most Effective Anti-Fraud" category at the 9th annual Effective Mobile..

The Who, How and Why of App Install Fraud

Whenever we speak to advertisers and agencies about app install fraud, we’re commonly asked the same set of questions. Not necessarily about the technical specifics, but the..

Blog: Protect Yourself

App Marketers, help protect yourself

Fraud is a complicated topic, and some of the industry accepted wisdom isn’t actually in the best interests of advertisers.

Gary Danks writes a guest article for PocketGamer.biz

Mobile gaming apps are the biggest victim of fraudulent app installs

App install fraud affects everyone buying app installs from ad networks and social media platforms, but it..

Blog: Myths Part 3

In this series, we debunk some of the myths which help convince marketers they don't have a fraudulent app install problem.

In the first instalment, Gary Danks looked at ..

Blog: Fraudulent App Install Hierarchy

This fraudulent app install hierarchy displays the family group (tier 1), the fraud category (tier 2), and the method used (tier 3) to generate the app install. 

Blog: Machine Report 1.0

In the first five months of this year, Machine has analysed over 22.4 million app installs, 56% of which we detected as fraudulent.

Blog: Myths Part 2

In Part 2 of Machine’s series on the myths of app install fraud, I delve into the different points in the supply chain – the regions, the networks and finally the publishers..

Blog: Myths Part 1

If you’re paying for app installs, you’re paying for fraudulent app installs. It’s as simple as that.In this series, we debunk some of the myths which help convince marketers they..

Article: The Majority of Paid App Installs Are Fraudulent, but No One Wants to Know

The Majority of Paid App Installs Are Fraudulent, but No One Wants to Know

Gary Danks, managing director & founder of Machine Advertising, considers the problem of app install..

Blog: Attribution Fraud 101

Attribution Fraud 101

Ad fraud isn’t news to the digital advertising industry. It’s spent the past couple of years at the forefront of the conversation, but there’s another type..

Article: Gambling on Paid App Installs

Gambling on Paid App Installs

As you no doubt already know, gambling apps pay the highest cost-per-install rate in the market. However, that means they make the biggest, juiciest..

Blog: Are you falling victim to install farms? Here’s how to know for sure

Have you ever wondered why your app gets so many installs which don’t lead into any actual in-app activity? Maybe you’ve concluded that there must be something wrong with the user..

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