Gary Danks Gary Danks 5th Nov, 2019
We've just launched a major update to our platform. It is a substantial upgrade, and after extensive research and development we've added new tools and features to make Machine an even more compelling way to detect install fraud.

New Products

1. Machine Index

Machine is continuously processing billions of data events from over 150 app install supply sources. Using this data, we track the transparency and quality of each supplier: this is the Machine Index.

It gives us unparalleled insight into the app install market in realtime. The Machine index is the best tool for app marketers who need to know which suppliers to use and those to avoid.

2. Supply Portal

We give your supply partners access to real-time data, reports and tracking tags - to help them improve their performance.

3. Impression tracking

Protect view-through attribution and optimise your programmatic activity when using DSPs.


New Features

Support Portal

Our new support portal gives you 24/7 access to our support content. We've also included a support bot for instant answers.



10x faster-data processing

Machine is now powered by the world's fastest database, KDB+, giving you instant big data analysis.

Improved UI & UX design

A new clean interface giving you easy to understand data, reports and analysis.




At Machine, we can help you detect app install fraud, and make sure your UA budget is converting into real users' budget.


Talk to Machine in confidence about a life without fraudulent installs