The marketing manager, at a leading e-commerce brand, wanted to understand their exposure to fraudulent app installs better. Not confident in the current service provider and, frustrated at the time spent managing fraudulent app installs. They contacted Machine.

Can Machine add value by;

  • Eliminating incremental fraudulent app installs.
  • Reduce the time spent managing fraudulent supply sources?

The client has integrated Tune as their preferred mobile measurement partner (MMP).

The Solution:
The DNA team will manage the client's supply chain in Helix, over a four week period.

Helix will be programmed with fraud prevention rules. The rules will automatically block and dispute: Install farms, un-authorised incentivised installs, attribution fraud (click stuffing and install hijacking)



Case Study Graph

Total Install Results

  • 20% reduction in total installs delivered.
  • Conversions remained the same, resulting in higher conversion rate.
  • Conclusion: a reduction in install farm or incentivised installs has been successful.

Organic Install Results

  • Organic install attribution increased by 58%.
  • Conclusion: Ridding the campaign of click stuffing and install hijacking (i.e. attribution theft) protects organic install activity.

Paid for Installs Results

  • Machine blocked high volumes of click stuffing and install hijacking.
  • Decreasing paid for installs by 39%.
  • Conclusion: The supply chain was stealing and getting paid for the organic installs (attribution theft)

Overall Results

Over a 4 week period, Machine:

  • Saved the advertiser over $86k in marketing spend.
  • Reduced the eCPA by -17%.
  • Reduced time spent on reconciling disputed installs to almost zero.