The Product

Our product is a full-stack solution that protects your UA marketing budget at every stage.

Designed specifically for the mobile UA marketing ecosystem, Machine is lightning fast, accurate and detects over 140 types of fraudulent technique.

Pre-install prevention

Pre-install prevention stops the fraud from happening at pre-bid, impression and click stages. Guarding you against attribution fraud, install farms and incent fraud.

This protects your organic installs, increases volumes from valid suppliers and gives you more accurate attribution data.

Pre-bid protection

Machine processes and profiles the data in under a millisecond. You can use this data to improve DSPs performance and so only bid on valid inventory.

Impression tracking

Protect your view-through attribution and optimise DSP activity. Our impression tracking prevents over 66 types of fraudulent method.

Click tracking

At click level we detect 46 types of click. Click tracking is essential for protecting organic installs and honest supply sources against attribution theft.

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Post-install detection

Post-install detection is easy to set up. By using the data from your attribution platform and enriching it with our own data sets, we start to build a better picture.

This is when we can detect more sophisticated fraudulent methods like hacked SDKs (SDK spoofing).

Install analysis

With our enriched data sets we carry out advanced analysis on your install delivery, which gives you better fraud detection than just using the attribution fraud tools.

In-app event analysis

At this stage, we’re looking at conversion events and user behaviour to detect further suspicious activity.

Key features & support

Machine UA Index

Machine is continuously processing billions of data events from over 200 app install supply sources.

Using this data, we analyse each supplier and rank them on the quality of their inventory. You can use the Machine UA Index to find high-quality suppliers and expand your reach.


Supplier access

Your suppliers need to be kept up to date on the quality of their inventory. Using the Machine supplier portal they can access real-time data and reports, which help them to optimise towards valid inventory.



One common complaint we hear from advertisers and suppliers is the lack of detail when disputing fraudulent installs. At Machine, we pride ourselves on the quality and granular detail of our evidence reports.

Reporting on impressions, click, install and in-app quality, you can break the data down by supplier, exchange and publisher in real-time.


Fraudulent app Installs is a relatively new problem for marketers to consider.

It’s ever-changing, complicated, time-consuming and causes chaos in marketing data.

Machine provides clients with all the support they need from ad-hoc technical requests to fully managed services and everything in-between.

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