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Why Apple Search Ads (ASA) is more important than ever for your UA Growth

Following the launch of iOS 14, ASA spend has skyrocketed with an increase of c.75% vs budgets pre-May 2021, resulting in it becoming the fastest growing ad network in 2022.

Search Ads Maven partners with Machine Advertising in EMEA

Search Ads Maven powered by Kochava, the leading Apple Search Ads (ASA) campaign management platform, and Machine Advertising, the market leader in always-on incremental..

3 Steps To Scale ASA Performance

Apple Search Ads (ASA) has quickly become one of the most important channels for UA marketing. We’ve seen our clients increase their spending on ASA by over 100% in just the past..

AIM Case Study: How to maximise UA scale with incremental measurement

Discover how an experienced UA team used Always-on Incremental Measurement (AIM) to increase scale.

UA Fraud Maturity Model

After a number of years in the UA fraud space, I’ve come to recognise a well defined set of repeating personas when speaking with UA marketers. By understanding them, we gain..

Placebo installs are an easy pill to swallow

Everybody, at some point, is ‘guilty’ of seeing only what they want to see. We'll miss something that's staring us right in the face if it means our life is easier by not seeing..

Myths of App Marketing Part 2

In this series, we debunk some of the most common myths that help convince marketers they don't have an app marketing fraud problem. No matter what buying metric you use (CPI,..

Attribution Fraud 101: Are you paying for installs that already belong to you?

Ad fraud isn’t news to the digital advertising industry. It’s spent the past couple of years at the forefront of the conversation, but there’s another type of fraud that no one..

Six things to know about SKAdNetwork

Apple’s SKAdNetwork is here, and from my perspective, someone who has worked in the mobile UA space for almost ten years, the whole thing is fairly confusing. There are plenty of..
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