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Kx Selected by Machine to Power its Fraud-Prevention Platform for Advertising (Clone)

Kx Selected by Machine to Power its Fraud-Prevention Platform for Advertising


APS London 2019: What we learnt (Clone)

App Promotion Summit: The three types of app owner

Exhibiting and speaking at the App Promotion Summit in London last month was a great chance to speak with app developers and..

Podcast: Are you falling victim to app install fraud? (Clone)

Peggy Anne Salz welcomes Gary Danks, Managing Director & Founder at Machine, back for an encore appearance and a candid discussion around the industry appetite to combat fraud,..

How to get reimbursed quickly and without argument (Clone)

So, you’ve started to identify the fraud in your app install campaigns. Great. Now you just have to get your money back from the suppliers.

Unfortunately, if you’re doing it..

Tools Vol 1 (Clone)

‘Probabilistic’ and ‘deterministic’ are two words that get thrown around a lot in the digital ad industry, especially in this age of hype for artificial intelligence – but not..

Machine Wins an Effective Mobile Marketing Award (Clone)

Machine Wins an Effective Mobile Marketing Award

Machine is proud to have been announced the winner of the "Most Effective Anti-Fraud" category at the 9th annual Effective..

The Who, How and Why of App Install Fraud (Clone)

Whenever we speak to advertisers and agencies about app install fraud, we’re commonly asked the same set of questions. Not necessarily about the technical specifics, but the..

Blog: Protect Yourself (Clone)

App Marketers, help protect yourself

Fraud is a complicated topic, and some of the industry accepted wisdom isn’t actually in the best interests of advertisers.

Blog: Myths Part 3 (Clone)

In this series, we debunk some of the myths which help convince marketers they don't have a fraudulent app install problem.

In the first instalment, Gary Danks looked at ..

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