The Challenge

Increasing volume on well performing inventory sources has always been a challenge for the UK’s leading travel ticket booking app. The challenge was to firstly; identify high performing app installs (ticket purchases) and secondly; increase scale significantly.

Campaign success will be judged on the following targets:

  • Conversion rate 14%+ (install to ticket purchase)
  • Volume of installs
  • Overall ROI on campaign (life time value)

The client has integrated Tune as their preferred mobile measurement partner (MMP).

The Solution

The DNA team traded on the Fixed Rate Trading service, with rates being agreed pre-campaign.

A single Machine tracking tag was generated in Tune. Then, via Helix; the campaign was deployed across multiple programmatic platforms and inventory sources.

Pre-bid and real-time inventory cleaning to prevent ad-fraud activity impacting the campaign.



Case Study Graph

Weeks 1&2

  • Discovery strategy: low volume identifying performing and non-performing sources
  • Suspicious activity eliminated
  • Inconsistent performance makes it high risk to scale in this period

Week 3

  • DNA Team identify consistent sources of quality Installs
  • Multiple optimisation tactics tested
  • Velocity strategy: first significant delivery push is deployed
  • Conversion target reached by end of week

Week 4

  • With the strong campaign data feeding into Helix, additional platforms are deployed.
  • 2nd Velocity strategy is actioned to support scale.
  • Conversion target is exceeded as the DNA team are able to secure quality inventory

Week 5

  • Maintain strategy: install level reaches clients weekly cap
  • Conversion levels increase
  • Client increases weekly budget to accommodate scale